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Unit I

Unit I Outline

Unit II

Unit II Outline

Equation Writing Quiz 1 Study Guide

Redox Quiz

Equation Writing Quiz 2(All Chemical reactions) Study Guide

Unit 2 Study Guide

Unit III

Unit III Outline

Unit 3 - Test 1 Study Guide

Molecular Geometry Quiz Study Guide

Unit IV

Unit IV Outline

Unit V

Unit V Outline

Unit VI

Unit VI Outline

Unit VII

Unit VII Outline


AP Polyatomic Ions Chart and Practice

AP Polyatomic Ions Chart - the ions and names in red are a good refrence, but it is not necessary to memorize them for the quiz.

AP Poyatomic Ions Practice 1 - without names - print this out to help memorize the polyatomic ions

AP Poyatomic Ions Practice 2 - without ions - print this out to help memorize the polyatomic ions

AP Polyatomic Ions Practice 3 - blank names and ions

Acid Nomenclature Chart

Acid Nomenclature

Molecular Geometry Chart and Practice

Complete Chart

Practice Chart 1 - blank with shaded boxes

Practice Chart 2 - blank without shaded boxes


Helpful Links

College Board

AP Chemistry Topic Outline

AP Past Free Response Questions and Scoring Guidlines

AP Central - includes past free response questions, answers as well as sample student responses

Chemmy Bear - a great and valuable resource, with review by topic

Mr. Groves' AP Chemistry Page

Chemistry Textbook (Zumdahl - 7th edition)

Unit 4-1 (Chapter 6 - Calorimetry) Assigned Problems - Answers

Unit 5-1 (Chapter 5 - Gases) Assigned Problems - Answers

Unit 6-1 (Chapter 11 - Solutions) Assigned Problems - Answers

Unit 6-2 (Chapter 14-Acids and Bases) Assigned Problems - Answers

Unit 6-3 (Chapter 17-Electrochemistry) Assigned Problems - Answers

Unit 7-1 (Chapter 12 - Chemical Kinetics) Assigned Problems - Answers

AP Review

Multiple Choice Practice

Science Geek PowerPoints

McCord Help Sheets

Electromagnetic Spectrum

EM Spectrum Chart

Molecular Geometry

Molecular Geometry- a different perspective on Molecular geometry

Molecular Geometry Practice

Molecular Geometry Practice Answers


Bond Strength and Length - the stronger the bond, the shorter the length

Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic materials - diagmagnetic have paired electrons, paramagnetic have unpaired electrons

Organic Chemistry

Organic Notes

Organic Notes 2 (PDF)


Endothermic vs. Exothermic Reaction

States of Matter - Gases, Liquids and Solids

Chapter 5 Notes - Gases

Chapter 10 Notes - Liquids and Solids

Liquids and Solids Notes 2

Intermolecular Forces in Solids

Intermolecular Forces in Solids Answers


Colligative Properties

Solution Reactions

Chapter 14 Notes - Acids and Bases


Chapter 17 Notes - Electrochemistry

Rates of Chemical Reactions (Chemical Kinetics)

Chapter 12 Notes - Chemical Kinetics

Chemical Equilibirum

Chapter 13 Notes - Chemical Equilibrium

Solutions Equilibria

Chapter 15 Notes - Applications of Aqueous Equilibria


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