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Study Guides and other resources - Semester 1

Topic I - Introduction to Chemistry

Topic I Outline

Quiz Study Guide - The quiz is on Dimensional Analysis, Scientific Notation, and Significant Figures.

Topic I Test Overview

Topic I Test Study Guide

Topic II - Matter, Energy, and Change

Topic II Outline

Topic II Quiz Study Guide

Topic II Test Study Guide

Topic II Test Study Guide 2

Topic III - Atoms

Topic III Outline

Topic III-1 Study Guide (Basic Atomic Structure)

Topic III-1 Study Guide 2

Topic III-2 and 3 Study Guide (The Bohr Model and Modern Atomic Structure)

Topic III-4 Review (Nuclear Chemistry)

Topic IV - The Lanugage of Chemistry

Topic IV Outline

Topic IV-1 Study Guide (Chemical Nomenclature)

Nomenclature Test Overview

Topic IV-2 Study Guide (The Mole Concept)

Topic IV-3 Study Guide (Chemical Reactions)

Stoichiometry Study Guide

Midterm Review

Midterm Overview

Midterm Review Overview

Midterm Section Web

Midterm Format

Midterm Review

Midterm Review

Calculations examples

Great Practice Test from online


PDF File

Study Guides and other resources - Semester 2

Topic V - Periodic Properties

Topic V Outline

Topic VI - Chemical Bonding

Topic VI Outline

Molecular Geometry Quiz

Topic VII - Gases, Liquids, and Solids

Topic VII Outline

Liquids and Solids Test Study Guide

Topic VIII - Chemical Energy

Topic VIII Outline

Topic 8 Test Study Guide

Topic IX - Solutions and Colligative Properties

Topic IX Outline

Charts and Practice Tests

Polyatomic Ions Chart and Practice

Polyatomic Ions Chart

Poyatomic Ions Practice 1 - without names - print this out to help memorize the polyatomic ions

Poyatomic Ions Practice 2 - without ions - print this out to help memorize the polyatomic ions

Acid Nomenclature chart

Acid Nomenclature

Element Symbols List and Practice Tests

Symbols List

Practice Test 1

Practice Test 2

Practice Test 3

Practice Test 4


Helpful Links

College Board

SAT Subject Test

Good Resources

Chemmy Bear - includes practice tests and review

GHS Honors Chemistry - includes review sheets and PowerPoints

Interesting Links

ChemMatters:Demystifying Everday Chemistry - a little dated, but still interesting

Significant Figures

Significant Figures Notes with examples

Periodic Trends - Topic 5

Periodic Trends and Properties Notes

Periodic Trends Chart

Bonding and Intermolecular Forces - Topic 6

IMF of Attraction

IMF Notes - A good resource, especially the chart on the first page

Electron Sea Model

Molecular Geometry Charts - Topic 6

Molecular Geometry- a different perspective on Molecular geometry

VSPER Geometries

Hybrid Orbitals

States of Matter - Gases, Liquids and Solids - Topic 7

Test Bank - Multiple Choice, True and False, and Matching

Gas Laws Objectives

Gas Laws Review Sheet

Gas Laws Practice Worksheet with solutions

Vapor Pressure of Water Table

A Macroscopic and Microscopic Look at Vapor Pressure

Chemical Energy - Topic 8

Thermodynamics Review Sheet

Thermochemical Data of Selected Elements and Compounds

Thermodynamics Rubber Band Experiment - a good application of thermodynamics

Calorimeters and Calorimetry Explanation and Sample Problems

Solutions - Topic 9

Like Dissolves Like Practice 1 with answers

Like Dissolves Like Practice 2 with answers

Equilbrium Notes PowerPoint Slides (PDF)



Sit back and enjoy the "Element Song" by Tom Lehrer.