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Series and Parallel Circuits Notes

Circuit Symbols

Static Electricity Study Guide

Atomic Theory

Atomic Theory Study Guide

The Periodic Table

Periodic Table Study Guide

Midterm Review

Midterm Practice Test

Midterm Practice Test Answers

Study Guides and other resources - Semester 2

3rd Marking Period Journals


Mitosis Study Guide

Mitosis Practice Test 1 - The difference between this test and the other is that in that this one has diagrams of the stages of Mitosis and you label them and in the other one you have to draw the stages of Mitosis.

Mitosis Practice Test 1 Answers

Mitosis Practice Test 2

Mitosis Practice Test 2 Answers


Meiosis Study Guide

Meiosis Practice Test

Meiosis Practice Test Answers


DNA Test Study Guide

DNA Practice Quiz

DNA Practice Quiz Answers


Genetics Practice Quiz

Final Exam Review

Final Exam Practice Test

Final Practice Test Answers

Charts and Practice Tests

The Atom - Ions

Ion Cartoon (Cations and Anions)

Cell Division

Phases of Mitosis Handout - Remember PMAT!

Phases of Meiosis Handout 1 - smaller print

Phases of Meiosis Handout 2 - larger print

Meiosis Cell Division Vocabulary Sheet

Cell Division Vocabulary Quizzes (1-8 are 5 question quizzes)

Cell Division Vocabulary Quiz 1

Cell Division Vocabulary Quiz 2

Cell Division Vocabulary Quiz 3

Cell Division Vocabulary Quiz 4

Cell Division Vocabulary Quiz 5

Cell Division Vocabulary Quiz 6

Cell Division Vocabulary Quiz 7

Cell Division Vocabulary Quiz 8

Cell Division Vocabulary Quiz 9 - vocabulary words in a random order

Cell Division Vocabulary Quiz 10 - vocabulary words in order

Helpful Links

Elements on the Periodic Table listed in alphabetical order

Science News For Kids

ACS Science For Kids

Brain Pop

The Atom

Green Pea Analogy

Cell Division

Mitosis and Meiosis Comparison

Picture of Mitosis


What is DNA?

Textbook Printouts

Mitosis and Meiosis(Sections 2-3 and 3-3)

DNA (Chapter 4, Sections 1 and 2)

Genetics (Chapter 3, Section 1)