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Study Guides

Trigonometry Test

Trig Test 1

Word Problem Test Oblique Triangles

Word Problem Test

Quadratic Function Test

Quadratics Study Guide

Exponent and LogsTest

Exponent Log Study Guide

Chapter 4 Tests

Chapter 4 Study Guide

Final Exam

Final Exam Study Plan

Charts and Practice

Function Values for Special Angles

Special Angles Chart

Special Angles Practice

Practice 1 - angle measures given

Practice 2 - completely blank

Unit Circle

Blank Unit Cricle just radians given

Unit Circle complete

Helpful Links

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha - An interesting website. Check it out!

College Board

Practice Math Questions SAT

Princeton Review

SAT Math Section

Online practice from textbook

Student Success Organizer - includes extra practice, summaries

Trigonometry/The Unit Circle

ACE the Test Chapter 4 - inclues practice tests for each section

Interactive Unit Circle

Unit Circle Chart - includes angles in degrees and radians

Video - Trick to memorize unit circle

Finding the Zeros(Roots) of a Polynomial

Descartes' Law of Signs

Getting to the Root of the (Polynomial) Matter