Huckleberry Finn

Huck Finn Test Review


Transcendentalism Study Guide and Notes


6 Troublesome Verbs

Troublesome Verbs Practice

Subordinate Clauses Notes and Practice

Diagramming Practice Packet for Quiz

Midterm Exam Review

Organization of Midterm

Midterm Review

What to Focus on for the Midterm

Midterm Vocabulary

Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review

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Helpful Links


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The Scarlet Letter - No Fear Literature - with modern translations

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Huckleberry Finn Guide

Huckleberry Finn - No Fear Literature - with modern translations

The Catcher in the Rye Guide

American Literature

GPS American Literature - a very good American literature site

GPS The New England Renaissance

GPS Huckleberry Finn Notes

American Literature - major movements and terms


6 Troublesome Verbs Notes

Diagramming Types of Verbs

Diagramming Parts of Speech

Diagramming Parts of Speech 2

Diagramming Practice 1

Diagramming Prepositional Phrases

Parts of Speech Practice Worksheet and Answers

Adjectives Notes and examples

Predicate Adjectives Online Worksheet - after trying these you can scroll to the bottom and click to see the anwers to this worksheet


SAT High High Frequency Vocabulary List Flashcards - Quizlet